Come Watch “Le Professeur” Play by Kunhadi

As part of Kunhadi’s vital role to generate funds and strengthen Road Safety in Lebanon, the organization invites you TO:

A BIG NIGHT which just got Funnier!

Watch the new Play ” Le Professeur” created by George Khabbaz at Le Chateau Triano
Location: Jal El- Dib
Date and Time: Thursday May 27 at 8.30 p.m.

For Reservation/information:: 05 95 94 12 04 OR 71 26 44 15

George Khabbaz is a Murex D’Or Award Winner.
The prize symbolizes success and victory.
It is a mark of recognition, presented to any personality who demonstrates exceptional talent in the Arts field.
George Khabbaz grew up among a family of actors. He is a director, actor, and a songwriter.
For more information about George Khabbaz please visit his official website at:


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