Hazmieh- Last night, a young man was pronounced dead after a fatal car accident.

On the highway from hazmieh to karantina on a curve, the driver was well off the speed limit, before he zigged out of control then jumped the rail before plunging off into the river. 

The guy did not have the seatbelt on, but his airbag functioned. 

The force of any airbag (350km/hr) can hurt those who are too close to it. 

Experts have cautioned that airbags are to be used in tandem with seat belts. 
Seat belts were still completely necessary because airbags worked only in front-end collisions occurring at more than 10 mph (6 kph). 

Only seat belts could help in sideswipes and crashes (although side-mounted airbags are becoming more common now), rear-end collisions and secondary impacts. 

Even as the technology advances, airbags still are only effective when used with a lap/shoulder seat belt.

Is speeding worth taking your life or others?


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