Angel In The Sky

Angel In The Sky

Driving with a very high speed made our brother (Nadim) one of its victims. He wasn’t the one driving; it wasn’t his car, no seat belts, no air bag at his side and a speed of minimum 140Km/h as if this car was made to be my brother’s grave. We are sure that weeping won’t get Nadim back but it’s hard to remember his face, his eyes his smile our childhood and everything we used to do together without crying and asking god for patience in order to bear this big pain; and after remembering all that, we end up by praying and asking god one more time to let his soul rest in peace and then we smile and tell everyone that “we now have an angel in the sky sitting next to God”. Who knew Nadim wrote about himself that he was a bright young man, one of few, kind hearted and enthusiastic. He had a great spirit and used to add happiness and joy to everyone, his thrust and continuous remarkable smile will always be there to be remembered.
We ask everyone to pay attention because they may not drive quickly but they may sit next to a driver who is likely to speed.
Our brother didn’t ask his friend to slow down because he used to love “speed”.
Don’t you ever let anyone control your life, fight for your soul and take good care of it because it’s not yours it is God’s and in the end he will get it back.

Natalia and Hady MANSOUR

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