Poor Children More Likely Road Accident Victims

17 August -Research has found that Preston youngsters are five times more likely to be injured than those in Kensington and Chelsea

Bengali children playing in Spitalfields council estate More children from lower income families living in council estates are involved in road accidents. Photograph: Getty

Children living in poor areas are more likely to be road accident victims than those living in richer neighbourhoods, research suggested today.

Youngsters in Preston are more than twice as likely to be injured on the road than the national average, and five times more likely than those in Kensington and Chelsea, the study found.

According to research group Road Safety Analysis, children most at risk are those from families “on lower incomes who often live in large council estates”.

The work used postcodes to compare risk levels among children aged up to 15 across 408 local authority areas.

Based on five years and covering more than 120,000 road casualties, it showed over their first 16 years of life, one in 27 children will be reported as injured or killed in a collision.

The Guardian Newspaper


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