Rollin’ On Whiskey

A new whiskey bio-fuel that can be used to power cars has been developed by scientists in Edinburgh.

Researchers have found a formula using the waste products from distilling Scotland’s famous tipple, namely the “pot ale” or liquid from the copper stills, and draff, which is the spent grains.

Put together they produce an alcohol called butanol which can drive a vehicle, much like ethanol.

Professor Martin Tangney of Napier University explained, “It is now a viable proposition for the larger players in the biofield sector and the whisky sector to take the challenge on and bring this to market and, if they do accept the challenge, then it is years not decades before we see this as a fuel.”

The scientists say butanol produces 25 per cent more energy per unit volume than ethanol. It can also be introduced to unmodified engines with any petrol blend, whereas ethanol requires engine modification.

The development gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “one for the road”.


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