Dear President: Pass the Bill

Thousands gathered in Washington on “Earth Day” to rally Congress to pass a climate change bill this year.

The protest came 24 hours after the US Senate postponed Monday’s unveiling of a compromise climate bill due to a row over unrelated legislation.

One protester said:
“This cause definitely is in jeopardy. Obama was a radical candidate and that’s precisely why we voted for him. We expected concrete change and he is now going and increasing off-shore drilling and that is exactly against what we stand for, for climate change legislation.”

Another urged lawmakers to listen to the people.
“I think Congress needs to stop paying attention to what corporations want, what oil companies want, what the coal industry wants and start actually doing what the American people need them to do, which is create legislation that spends our tax dollars on sustainable jobs that create energy for people here in America without creating the pollution, the hazardous waste.

Democrats say they will continue to work towards a climate bil for 2010.

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