Kunhadi Turns Four

Beirut- Kunhadi launched the Helmet Campaign during Kunhadi 4th Anniversary yesterday during a seminar at Holiday Inn Dunes Lebanon. The event followed a small cocktail reception.
This historical happening ended with Kunhadi staff distributing helmets to restaurant drivers’ employees.
Mrs Lena Gebrane offered May Khalil, Beirut Marathon President, and two high school volunteers an award for registering 720 Notre Dame de Louaize students for the Beirut Marathon.
Some proceeds go to Kunhadi Charity for Road Safety.
Mr. Fady Gebrane presented an awareness session on motorcyclist safety to the audience. Audience comprised, Kunhadi Celebrity Singer, Sabine Foucho.
Minister Ziad Baroud talked about taking road safety initiatives to the Vice President himself in order to improve the current situation.
“During an observation lasting ninety minutes, I recorded at least fifty bikers passing by without a safety helmet on the main street” said Ziad Baroud, minister of interior and municipalities.
“Bikers think the red light applies solely to 4 wheeled vehicles and not to them.” said Marwan Kheir –Eddine, Mawared Bank CEO, “they run the red light all the time thinking it is permissible.”


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