Communities for Kunhadi at Beirut Marathon

7 Nov- Runners competed in the 42km Beirut Marathon in Beirut, Lebanon, on Sunday to run for 9 different charities including Kunhadi.

Thousands of people from Lebanon and other countries participated in the Beirut Marathon which takes place annually.

Up to 3,127 community members ran for Kunhadi Charity this year.

Ethopian runner, Temam Mohammed, came first place followed by Chane Lema Abere and Macharia James from Kenya.

Celebrity Maxime Chaaya, decided to run for Kunhadi and the rest of the charities. He pledged to raise at least $100,000 on 9 November.

Sabine Foucheaux, who ran for Kunhadi Charity, was the Official Singer for the BLOM Beirut Marathon 2010.

Kindly go to beirut marathon website for marathon results.


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