Family Death on Casino du Liban highway

JAN 22- Father Nahed Tadros, his wife Nidal, their son Nader and one more passenger passed away when their car drifted on Tabarja – Casino du Liban highway and fell into the valley. Others were severely injured including the reverend’s youngest son


2 thoughts on “Family Death on Casino du Liban highway

  1. RIMA says:

    At 08:45H on Sunday the 22nd of January 2011 I woke up to the horrified cry of my mother’s and learned of the death of my friends Father Nahed and Nidal with their son Nader, the shock began at that moment and i still feel it every time I think that they are not amongst us anymore.
    i saw him on saturday in church and I asked him to say Hi to Nidal, he smiled and assured me he will not forget to do so, and i never saw him or her again except in a heart aching funeral. Leaving behind a 14 years old son who was spared because his mother shielded him with her body.

    I kept arguing with god for days asking him why he let this happen to them, such well behaved & loving family. they were all well loved and respected, what for!! so that who caused this accident could gain a few minutes to reach where she is going!! she caused the demise of a whole family and the mother of 3 small girls???

    I do not want to condemn this lady, but I do hope that if she is the culprit and the accident was due to her negligence, i hope she will be imprisoned and that her family will not pull any strings to set her free.
    we have no faith in the jurisdiction department in Lebanon, but we hope that this file will be treated fairly.

    my friends, I will never forget you. Nidal I will never forget your smile and nice attitude towards all. Nahed nobody will forget your niceness and your love for others. you walked on the path of Jesus Christ and I’m sure you all are with Him now.

    all of us Lebanese of all ages, the accidents that are happening these days are not acceptable, entire families are dying or are being hospitalized for months, and they lives are forever changing. We must take care when driving, driving a car is a huge responsibility that we take upon ourselves to keep us and others safe. when you are behind the steering wheel, pls forget that you had a rough day, that you are late for a meeting or date, do not drive after consuming alcohol.

    I’m sorry my msg. is long, but I’m sad for losing my friends, and mad because of the negligence that took their lives.

    God bless my friends, keep them by your side, after all Nahed worked hard to follow your path and become: Father Nahed.


    • Our sincere condolences to your friends. We all know how difficult it is to lose someone cherished in a car crash. That’s why we’re working very hard to prevent painful events such as this from occurring to anybody and hopefully we will succeed.

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