Decade of Action for road safety launched in Lebanon by Kunahdi

The UN Decade of Action for road safety 2011-2020 was launched by Kunhadi in Lebanon on the 11th of May, at UNESCO palace.

Kunhadi held a press conference to introduce the Decade of Action and explain why in Lebanon, where we witness more than 600 deaths/year on our roads, we need a national plan to stop traffic injuries and fatalities.
Mrs. Lena Gebrane (Vice president of Kunhadi) introduced the decade of action during the press conference, in the presence of Minister of Interior Mr. Ziad Baroud, Mr. Roger Nasnas (President of the Economic and Social Council), representatives of the ministry of health and ministry of education, Dr. Said Dahdah (Representative of the World Bank), Dr. Ziad Mansour (Representative of the World Health Organization), Mr. Georges Khabbaz (Actor & Director and the Ambassador of the DOA in Lebanon), Mr. Charbel Aaydamouni (Representative of the Red Cross) and a crowd of NGOs.

At the end of the press conference, Minister of Interior Ziad Baroud signed on a pledge to drive safely created by Kunhadi in collaboration with Bank Audi, and he tried the seatbelt convincer.

More than 600 young students participated in Kunhadi’s road safety presentations all day long.

Mrs. Gebrane explained to the younger students the behavior to adopt when on the roads: never to cross a street without an adult, to walk against the direction of cars, wear the helmet when riding the bicycle etc. Kunhadi then distributed coloring booklets with road safety themes, so that students can learn traffic regulations while having fun.

Around 400 students and participants of different age range also participated in Kunhadi’s road safety presentations. They tried on the Vision Impairment Goggles and the Seatbelt convincer to experience for themselves the dangerous influence of alcohol on the driver and the benefits of buckling the seatbelt in the car. Many students and participants signed the pledges to drive in a conscientious manner and were offered High Visibility jackets and the Decade of Action tags, by Kunhadi.


The launch was concluded with a great concert dedicated to road safety by Band Audi who performed a variety of songs like Let It Be, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Knocking on Heaven’s Doors.

Thank you all for your support!

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