Kunhadi Plan of Action for a decade of road safety

The toll of traffic fatalities in Lebanon is alarmingly high- 770 fatalities in 2010 (within one month). Unless immediate action is taken, this number is expected to rise to 1130 fatalities in 2020.

Aligning its work with the global plan of the Decade of Action for Road Safety, Kunhadi aims to reduce the foreseen number of traffic fatalities in 2020 from 1130 to 565, hence preventing around 3000 injuries and fatalities.

Kunhadi launched the United Nations initiative Decade of Action for Road Safety, in Lebanon simultaneously with the global launch, on May 11th 2011, in UNESCO Palace.
The launch consisted of 3 parts:

  1. High profile press conference, in the presence of the Minister of Interior and Municapilities, representative of WHO, representative of the ministry of health and education, among others.
  2. Awareness day: during which more than 1000 students and participants from different age range attended road safety conferences held by Kunhadi
  3. Concert for road safety by Band Audi


During the press conference, Kunhadi declared its plan of action for the decade:

  • Installing safe crossing in front of Lebanese schools
  • Installing retro-reflective markings and road signs on hazardous roads, making dangerous turns visible to drivers at night
  • Collaborating with the ministry of Interior to enforce strict laws against speed and drunk driving
  • Collaborating with the Ministry of Education to insert road ethics and regulations in academic curriculums
  • Spreading carpooling
  • Two road safety campaigns per year
  • Spreading awareness about Safe Crossing and Pedestrian Bridges
  • Distributing helmets and high-visibility jackets to road officers and delivery boys
  • Training of road officers on the importance of wearing helmets
  • Establishing a Road Victim Support Center to assist traffic victims in their professional and social reinsertion

Something can be done to prevent so many  fatalities from occurring on our roads. Join hands with us in making our roads safer for all users.


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