Inauguration of the memorial Public Place for Traffic Victims in Ain Saade

On May 24, 2011, Kunhadi was invited to the inauguration of the Public Place for Traffic Victims in Ain Saade.

In 1925, the epidemic of Malaria hit the Middle East. A Commission was sent to study the cause of this disease and cure it. This commission started its mission from Turkey, Plestine, Syria then reached Lebanon in 20 May 1925.
On their way, 6 members from the commission were involved in a car crash that killed 3 of them:
-Dr. Samuel Taylor Darling (American)
-Dr. Norman Luthian (Scotish)
-Their assistant Ms. A. Bison (French)

A monument was built where the crash had taken place.
This monument stayed neglected until the day when the first City Council of Ain-Saade decided to rehabilitate it and establish a public place to honor the memory of the commission members and all road victims in Lebanon.

This place was inaugurated on 24th May 2011, under the patronage of Mr. Ghazi AL Aridi, Minister of Public Works and Transportation, and under the mandate of Mme. Aurore Ibrahim, president of the City Council of Ain-Saade.The place is named Place of Traffic Victims.


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