Meet the future car that can drive on roads, ice and even water

JUN 16- 21 year old female Mechanic Design graduate, Zhang Yuhan, has come up with a new design for a car that will drive on roads, sand, ice – and even water.

The all-terrain vehicle, which has a top speed of 62mph and works like a hovercraft, can move seamlessly between different surfaces.

Yuhan, created the amazing machine – called the Volkswagen Aqua – for a competition sponsored by the German car manufacturer.

The vehicle’s sleek sportscar-like design incorporates four high-powered fans and integrated airbags that inflate to lift it from the ground.
A large windscreen stretches above the front seats to give a panoramic view of the landscape ahead.
You enter and exit the car from a hatch at the rear of the car.The Aqua uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power two motors – with zero carbon emissions.

Read more:–water.html#ixzz1PQBrCXja

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