Kunhadi Taxi Night 9

Drunk Driving is the second cause of car crashes in Lebanon.

Five main reasons why you should not drink and drive.

Alcohol will:

1- Decrease your vision field
2- Slow your brain functions
3- Impair your judgment ability
4- Give you false confidence in yourself
5- Cause sleepiness and/or fatigue

Kunhadi is organizing its Taxi Night 9 at Sky Bar – Beirut this August 1st, to raise funds for the installation of light reflectors on the South Highway, from the Airport to Jiyyeh.

Tickets are:
60$: 2 drinks + open water + 2 way taxi (call Allo Taxi on 1213)

120$: dinner + 2 drinks + open water + 2 way taxi (call London Taxi on 1511)

Reserve your taxi 48 hours prior to the event to avoid any delay.


For more information, call: +961 5 45 05 16
To Buy the tickets, call: +961 3 836 123

See you there!


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