Mother speaks out on road safety

The Winmalee mother of a woman killed last year in a head-on collision has banded together with the truck driver who survived the crash to call for better learner driver training.

Linda Byrne’s daughter, Mallory, was one of four people — including two girls aged eight and two — killed when their car collided head-on with a Kenworth truck carrying 22.5 tonnes of salt at Bilpin on October 1 of last year.

“Kids have gone from virtually nothing to 120 hours driving experience, but that’s a lot of driving errors being taught by parents,” she said.

“Too many young people on the roads are being killed through inexperience, they don’t know how to be defensive.

“That’s what we’re aiming for . . . at least 20 hours [of the compulsory 120] needs to be conducted of defensive driving.”

Mick, who began driving trucks as a teenager 33 years ago, has not been able to work since the crash.

“I will never drive a truck again,” he said.

“It’s affected my whole life . . . I have not been out of Dubbo since the accident.”

This is another childless mother because of the dangers on the road do not let it happen to your mom or anyone’s mother. Drive safe do not be distracted or  distract others on the road. Be safe drive wise!


2 thoughts on “Mother speaks out on road safety

    • Linda Byrne says:

      There was no inquest as the injuries were conclusive enough as to the cause of death and also all of the parties involved apart from myself requested no inquest. Heartbreaking when some good could of come from the proceedings.

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