Kunhadi remembers traffic victims (English)

The World Health Organization has declared the third Sunday of November as the Global Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims, whose numbers have risen to 1.3 million, aside from those who are permanently injured.

On this occasion, in the presence of the First Lady of Lebanon Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman, Kunhadi has invited bereaved parents and friends, political and social figures to remember Lebanon’s approximate 600 yearly traffic victims in a concert by Charbel Rouhana, on Saturday, 19th of November 2011 at Unesco Palace, sponsored by Royal Forex Trading s.a.l.

The ceremony was attended by:

–       The First Lady of Lebanon, Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman

–       Representative of the Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Elie Mikhail

–       Representative of the Minister of Health Dr. Michel Kfoury, Director of Health in the province of Mount Lebanon

–       Representative of the Minister of Education Professor Jean Hayek, director of guidance and direction

–       Former Minister of Interior and Municipalities Ziad Baroud

–       Representative of the Commander of the Armed Forces General Jean Qahwaji, Air Force Brigadier Amer Siblini

–       Representative of Major General Ashraf Rifi, Brigadier Joseph Douihi

The ceremony started with the National Anthem followed by a song dedicated to all the families of traffic victims.

Mr. Fady Gebrane, president of Kunhadi then recalled the Decade of Action for Road Safety launched this year in May that will provide the opportunity for all nations to take effective action in decreasing the death and injury toll on the roads.

He called for all sectors and road user’s cooperation and support for Kunhadi’s plan of action for the decade, the purpose of which is to save 3,000 Lebanese lives by 2020.

“Had those traffic victims had the chance to speak, they would advise us to renounce speeding”, said Mr. Gebrane.
Mr. Gebrane thanked Royal Forex Trading s.a.l for sponsoring this event, and Roadster Diner for their support and participation.



Kunhadi then honored the former Minister of Municipalities and Interior, Mr. Ziad Baroud, with a trophy of appreciation for his work on enhancing road safety in Lebanon, who in his turn thanked Kunhadi for this occasion that highlights the importance of road safety.



President of Road for Life, Mrs. Zeina Qassem, whose 17-year-old son was killed by a speeding car while crossing the road to get to his school, asked for the implementation of stricter traffic laws.

Mrs. Wafaa Sleiman called on all politicians, parents, NGOs and international organizations to work together on halting the loss of life on the roads.
“Road safety is a culture that needs to be taught at schools to grow and become a part of them as they use the roads at a later stage of their lives”, Mrs. Sleiman said, “Car crashes are not an act of destiny and fate. They are the result of recklessness and disregard for one’s responsibilities”.





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