Installation of Safe Crossing on International College – Bliss Street

As a continuum of Kunhadi organization’s efforts to raise road safety awareness among the Lebanese people and to alert the youth regarding the risks of traffic injuries they face, notably crashes involving pedestrians being hit by vehicles, we have the honor to declare that for the year 2012, and under the umbrella of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, Kunhadi will launch a campaign to install Safe Crossing in front of Lebanese schools to keep students safe from the risk of traffic hazards.

Kunhadi, in cooperation with the schools’ administrations, will educate the students on measures of road safety and how to use the safe crossing effectively.

Sponsored by Roadster’s Diner, Kunhadi has the pleasure to announce the first safe crossing was launched on Thursday, January 19, 2012 in front of the entrance of International School – Bliss street, facing Hbeish Police Station.


International College is the first from a long list of schools in front of which Kunhadi will install new safe crossings to keep our children safe on the road.

Kunhadi would like to extend its thanks to Roadster’s Diner for its support for road safety.

Let’s work together on spreading a new culture of road safety in Lebanon.




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