A Mother Is Supposed To Receive Flowers on Mothers Day.

“On this day, my promise to you, is to be safe” was the message on Kunhadi’s mothers’ day cards that it distributed to university students.

Kunhadi volunteers explained to the young students that speed driving can only save a few minutes but puts them in a very high risk of being involved in a car crash.The volunteers reminded the students that their mothers, the mothers of their cars’ passengers, and those of other road users are waiting for them to come back home safely.

“Texting and driving distracts 80% of your attention on the road” and “if you do not drive but ride in the car with a reckless driver, you have the responsibility to ask them to drive responsibly or refuse to ride with them”, were heard being told to students by Kunhadi volunteers.

The volunteers wore the high visibility jackets, which should be kept at all times in the glove compartment of every car, in case the driver needed to step down from the car at night to stay visible to other drivers.

To see the full photo album, please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.398694873474927.104002.207184669292616&type=3


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