Kunhadi Second Gala Dinner 2012

For the past 6 years, Kunhadi has been spreading awareness about road safety measures and topics.

This year, our main focus will be visibility on the road, through:

–        Turning the headlight on from dusk to dawn

–        Wearing bright colours on the road

–        Keeping  a high visibility jacket in the glove compartment of every car

–        Wearing the high visibility jacket whenever using the road at night

–        Installing retro-reflective markings on dangerously unlit roads and turnings

Under this umbrella, and with the sponsorship of  Tewtal Group (Ford), BBAC, Badawi Group, Diageo, NRJ and MTV, Kunhadi is hosting its second gala dinner to raise funds for the installation of retro-reflective markings on Casino du Liban – Byblos highway, to make is visible and safe for drivers at night.

The Gala Dinner will take place on April 14, 2012 in Four Seasons Hotel.

In his support for Kunhadi’s road safety projects, Elie Saab has offered a Crocodile Purse to be auctioned on during the Gala Dinner. The auction will be presented by well known talk show host Tony Baroud, in-between performances by famous Lebanese artists Nancy Ajram, Maya Diab and Sabine.

Tickets are sold at Kunhadi office.

“Just because you drive safely, doesn’t mean we can’t help you see clearly”

For more information about the Gala please contact Kunhadi on:

Tel: 05 45 05 16
Mobile: 71 26 44 15
Email: Kunhadi@kunhadi.org



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