Kunhadi Second Gala Dinner

Kunhadi to install thousands of retro-reflective markings on roads


Kunhadi recently held a gala dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel to raise funds for its 2012 campaign to improve visibility on Lebanese roads.

Around 300 prominent figures turned up at the event, including Brigadier Joseph Doueihi, representing the Minister of the Interior and Municipalities, Mr. Adib Dahrouj, representing the Minister of Public Works, and Mr. Ziad Baroud, former Minister of the Interior and Municipalities.

“I’m thankful to each and every one of our supporters and sponsors for believing in our cause,” said Fadi Gebrane, president of Kunhadi. “Without them, we would not have been able to do our work year after year.”

Gebrane said that in 2012 Kunhadi would focus on improving visibility to increase road safety. Kunhadi has already installed retro-reflective markings on the following Lebanese roads: Hazmieh – Karantina Highway, Hazmieh – Hotel Dieu Highway, Faraya Road, Kfardebian Road and Airport – Jiyeh Highway. It will also install safe crossings in front of schools across Lebanon, and distribute tens of thousands of high visibility jackets to various stakeholders attending Kunhadi’s road safety workshops.

During the dinner, Gebrane also reintroduced the Kunhadi Card from the Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries (BBAC), a long-standing supporter of the organization. The credit card, which can be used worldwide, gives its holders the opportunity to promote and sustain Kunhadi’s work, by donating 1% of the value of their purchases to the organization.


Since its establishment in 2006 following the death of 18-year-old Hady Gebrane in a car crash, Kunhadi has been dedicated to promoting youth awareness on road safety.

“As parents who feel responsible for raising the youth’s awareness of harmful behaviors, we fully support Kunhadi’s mission and we will do our best to keep doing so in the years to come,” said George Badawi, Head of Finance and Investment at Badawi Group for Construction and Development, another sponsor of the event.

Hosted by Toni Baroud, the gala dinner saw performances by famed Lebanese singers Nancy Ajram, Maya Diab and Sabine, and included an auction for a luxury purse by world-renowned Lebanese designer Elie Saab.


Kunhadi said that the funds raised at the event would be used to install retro-reflective markings on the Casino du Liban – Jbeil Highway.



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