New Lebanese Traffic Law

Kunhadi would like to congratulate all Lebanese for setting the first milestone towards safer roads in Lebanon.


During a voting session held on Tuesday, July 10th, at the lebanese parliament many new articles were added to the traffic law and will insert order on our roads, most importantly:

–       Establishing an effective central unit to organize traffic, implement all traffic laws and ensure public safety (Article 414).

–       Establishing an institute where traffic officers are trained and road safety research is conducted (Article 218)

–       Establishing a national committee for roadsafety, which includes concerned ministries and Non-Governmental Organizations, lead by the Minister of Interior (Article 359)


The outcome of July 10’ session is, no doubt, a step towards improving road safety. We look forward to the implementation of the new law and are eager to assist in bringing high standards of road safety to life. Needless to mention that the law implementation will happen in phases and its success relies on our strong belief that change can happen and that each one of us will be a driver of change. The critical point in question is to match expectation with reality in order to accomplish improvement.


We applaud this positive change, and give our word to be fully dedicated to join hands, in making Lebanon roads safe, organized and well engineered.


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