Kunhadi Safe Crossing on Lycee Achrafiyeh and Zahret El Ehsan

As part of Kunhadi Pedestrian campaign launched in 2012, Kunhadi has been striving to install safe crossings in front of Lebanese schools to make it safe for students to cross the road on their way to their schools.

After the installation of the safe crossings, Kunhadi hosts road safety conferences for the school’s students and professors to explain the proper way of using the safe crossing as both pedestrians and drivers:

As a driver:

– Slow down when you’re in the proximity of a pedestrian crossing
– Stop your car before the white stripes and traffic lights
– Keep the traffic light in your field of view and respect it
– Allow the pedestrians to cross the road in a straight line without them having to zigzag around cars risking their safety.
– Do NOT PARK on the white lines

As a pedestrian:
– Do not make any sudden move on the road. Allow the drivers to know when and where to expect pedestrians
– Do not cross the road on any point EXCEPT on the zebra lines
– Only cross the road on the safe crossing when the pedestrian light is green.

With the sponsorship of ABC, in August 2012, Kunhadi installed a safe crossing in front of Zahret el Ehsan – Achrafiyeh


And with the support of HSBC, we also installed a safe crossing in front of Lycee Achrafiyeh



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