Kunhadi Traffic Victims Remembrance Day 2013

Established in October 2006, Kunhadi has been raising road safety awareness among the Lebanese community, notably the Lebanese youth, to foster a new culture of safe driving.

As every year, Kunhadi joined the rest of the world in raising awareness of the burden of traffic collisions on communities and calling for joint efforts to control this growing epidemic.
On the third Sunday of November 2013, over 40 churches dedicated their mass to road traffic victims, upon request from Kunhadi.

Death does not necessarily mean end. A tragic incident can be turned into a lively memory and become the beginning of a change towards a better world.
With this idea in mind associated with support of a greener Lebanon and immortalizing the souls of traffic victims, on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2013, Kunhadi invited parents and friends who have lost a dear one on the road to the inauguration of the first Traffic Victims Remembrance garden in Lebanon.

The garden will be designed and planted to keep the memory of traffic victims alive

The garden (Sin El-Fil) will be designed and planted to keep the memory of traffic victims alive

And so, on Sunday November 17, 2013, Kunhadi was accompanied by a number of bereaved parents and friends to share the joint pain caused by the loss of a loved one on the road. Kunhadi made a promise the families to only endeavor relentlessly to raise awareness and enhance the safety of our roads.

Kunhadi and Lions Club International District 351 Lebanon- Jordan – Iraq, in collaboration with Ghadi Organization and Sin El Fil Municipality, announced the inauguration of the first Traffic Victims Remembrance Garden in Lebanon and unveiled the memorial on which are engraved the names of young road traffic victims.

Located in Sin EL-Fil , the garden will bring to light the alarmingly high number of traffic victims that is now exceeding 600 per year in Lebanon, most of whom are young citizens still in their prime and needed by their communities. It will also act as reminder for all road users who still have the chance to adopt a safer behavior and not let all losses go in vain.

Parents received trees to plant in commemoration of their children, to immortalize their memory.

At the end of the ceremony, Kunhadi dedicated a song entitled “Rjaa La Anna” (Come Back To Us) to all grieving parents. This song was written by Nadim Mouawwad, a young man whose perception of life was shook by Kunhadi’s first road safety campaign.

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