Kunhadi Taxi Night 13th on August 11 SKYBAR

Kunhadi is organizing its famous Taxi Night for the thirteenth time this August 11 in sponsorship with Zaatar w Zeit and Diageo!

If you are still unfamiliar with the Taxi Night concept, here’s what it is:

Taxi Night is a new party concept created by Kunhadi to encourage the youth to use Taxis instead of driving under the influence of alcohol or fatigue, by offering them free two-way taxi rides from their houses anywhere in Lebanon, to the party venue, then back to their homes safely.

Taxi Night 12 - B018

So stay up till morning, dance, party loud, drink responsibly and leave the worry of parking and driving back home, as Kunhadi will be your chauffeur on Taxi Night 13th edition!

This August 11, we are picking you up from anywhere to Sky Bar and drop you back home safely any time.
So bring your friends and join us for a night to remember!

Regular tickets: $65 – 2 drinks, open water and 2-way taxi
VIP tickets: $90- Lounge seats, 2 premium drinks, open water and 2-way taxi 

Get your tickets at Malik’s Lebanon Branches now as tickets at the door will be 75$.

Guests wearing Kunhadi Reflective Bracelets during Taxi Night 11 at White-Beirut


1. Abraj – Furn al Chebak
2. AUB – Hamra bliss street opposite to AUB
3. City Mall 
4. Jbeil – Close to LAU jbeil
5. Koraitem – Opposite to LAU Upper gate
6. Le Mall Dbayeh 
7. Mazraa – Kornich Al Mazraa next to Mazen pharmacy
8. Jnah Spinneys 
9. Dbayeh Spinneys
10. Haigazian – Opposite to Haigazian Uni
11. Verdun

Reserve your table/lounge now to secure a seat 71/264415

To avoid any delay, reserve your taxi at least 48 hours in advance:

Regular: 1213
VIP: 03/222600


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