Kunhadi on the New Traffic Law in Lebanon

Kunhadi recognizes the importance of the strict implementation of a traffic law. The New Traffic Law marks a progress in comparison with the Old Traffic Law as it included new articles mostly addressing the following:

  • Creation of the National Council for Road Safety (NCRS) headed by the Prime Minister
  • Creation of the National Commission for Road Safety headed by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities
  • Creation of the ISF Academy
  • Pedestrian regulations
  • New Driving License
  • Points system
  • Higher traffic tickets

However, amendments suggested by a number of traffic specialists and concerned parties (e.g. the syndicate of owners and rental agencies for private cars, syndicate of trucks, among others) are still to be taken into consideration and included in the New Traffic law. Prior to the release of the New Traffic Law, Kunhadi advised to first start with the serious and continuous implementation of the Old Traffic Law in order to prove consistency and strictness of the implementation, and simultaneously acquire the political decision for the preparation of the implementation of the New Traffic Law and finalize the basic requirements, among others:

  • Processes
  • Traffic police training
  • Public awareness
  • Creation of specialized traffic bodies
  • Creation of new driving license with points system
  • Data system to collect information from the new driving license
  • Improving infrastructure
  • Etc.

Once all preparations are ready, the New Traffic Law could replace the Old one. But as the New Traffic Law is released, Kunhadi will continue fulfilling its role of raising awareness about the New Traffic Law and will support concerned authorities in successfully preparing and implementing this law.


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