New Pedestrian Safe Crossing on Amliyya – Bchara El Khoury Cross Road

Bechara El-Khoury boulevard is heavy with vehicular and pedestrian traffic making the act of crossing this road from one end to the other risky and dangerous, especially on Amliyya crossroad where pedestrian demand is high.

Seeing the dire need for infrastructure that would enable the large numbers of pedestrians to cross the road on this intersection safely, the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR) closed the median to vehicles and installed a pedestrian crossing that is first of its kind in Lebanon:

Built in accordance with international norms and guidelines, this pedestrian crossing is designed to be practical for people with special needs and/or pushchairs and includes traffic lights that regulate vehicle-pedestrian dynamics.


Pedestrian Push-Buttons are installed on both sides of the crossing to stop vehicular traffic and give pedestrians the green light to cross the road safely. Pedestrian green lights are separated with intervals of a minimum of 43 seconds.



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