Taxi Night 14th Edition

The 14th edition of Kunhadi Taxi Night took place on May 2nd at B018 in sponsorship by Zaatar W Zeit and Diageo and in collaboration with Mix FM Lebanon.


With the recent release of the New Traffic Law, and notably the implementation of Article 17 that limits drunk driving and imposes severe sanctions upon drivers risking the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, Kunhadi placed a special focus on explaining how to calculate the Blood Alcohol Concentration level (b.a.c.) to guests: a large table detailing the effect of different types of alcohol on drivers of different weights, genders and food consumption.
A weight scale was placed beside the b.a.c. table for guests to weigh themselves and learn how much alcohol effects them.


Over 400 guests booked their Taxis and joined Kunhadi in this yearly fundraising event to raise awareness against Drunk Driving, encourage the use of Taxis after a night out and collect funds for the installation of safe crossings around Lebanese schools.

A number of public figures and celebrities joined Taxi Night to set a safe role model for the new generation of drivers, including George El Rassi, Raja Nasreddine, Rodolphe Hilal, Rima Karaki, among others.

A competition was launched during the night for the best selfie taken in the Taxi and the winner received an iPhone 6 offered by Kunhadi Ambassador Inas Abou Ayyash.

Kunhadi thanks every one who supported and participated in Taxi Night, the events’ sponsors Zaatar W Zeit and Diageo, and Mix FM Lebanon for the wonderful music and of course Kunhadi volunteers!



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