New Traffic Law Implementation Decreased Traffic Crashes By 70%

Two months after the implementation of the New Traffic Law in Lebanon, the Internal Security Forces announced a remarkable decrease of more than 70% in traffic crashes compared to the previous year.


Compared to the same period in 2014, statistics from April 22 until June 25 this year show that traffic crashes decreased by 71.5% from 899 in 2014 to 256 in 2015.

The toll of fatalities and injuries also decreased by more than half:
The number of deaths dropped by 40.21% from 97 in 2014 to 58 in 2015, meaning that over 39 people were saved from death and 746 more were saved from light and serious injury after the toll of injuries fell by 62.2% from 1198 to 452.

These results showcase the positive effect the implementation of the traffic law could have on improving road safety in Lebanon.

The ISF urges all drivers and road users to keep respecting the traffic law to turn this temporary change into a continuous one.

Kunhadi reminds you that studies have shown that driver behavior accounts for more than 80% of the crash cause, making it capable of triggering a radical change.

Kunhadi also urges the Prime Minister to call a meeting of the National Council for Road Safety  and set a comprehensive national plan for the correct and organized implementation of the new traffic law and improvement of road safety in Lebanon.

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