Jesus & Mary School Students Install Safe Crossing With The Help of Kunhadi

Jesus and Mary School is the first school in Lebanon to be included in “Your Ideas, Your Initiatives: Road Safety Actions for a better Environment”, a project launched by P.A.U. Education, to create an opportunity for them to actively improve road safety in Lebanon.

Seeing that Lebanon traffic crashes toll ranks among the worst in the Arab World, seven young ladies from Jesus and Mary school 10th grade decided to take matters in their own hands and carry out a project to decrease traffic crashes.

With the objective of implementing a project that will have an effective and positive change on road safety, the young ladies sought the assistance of Kunhadi’s expertise.

“We provided the students of Jesus and Mary school with training material. We suggested the idea of providing a safe crossing for students as we ourselves had done before. We taught them how to write proposals for their project, provided them with [road safety] studies, and coached them on how to speak to other students.” Mrs. Lena Gebrane, vice president of Kunhadi.

The young ladies decided to install a safe crossing in front of Antelias Public School, which entrance is located directly on the main road, putting the lives of students, crossing the road to and fro their school, in daily danger.

Against all difficulties, the young students found three sponsors, acquired the confirmations and permissions needed and successfully installed the safe crossing. The seven young ladies did not stop there, they proceeded to host road safety conferences for Antelias Public School students to inform them of the correct usage of a safe crossing and to help them become more aware of road safety measures.

We hope your proactive and relentless spirit will spread around Lebanon, and particularly the Lebanese youth!

“Every little change is a step closer to reducing road accidents.” Jesus and Mary students.



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